Connect the dots in                 
your wardrobe with                 
our newest essentials.                 

Two looks:                 
one for the initial meeting,                 
one for sealing the deal.                 
Because first and                 
second impressions count.                 

Two reasons to look                 
forward to Monday —                 
your corner office view and                 
this super-flattering dress.                 


The desk-to-client-dinner look: 
professional, with or without the blazer.

 Wear the top of Monday’s                 
outfit on casual Friyay.                 
Recycling is part of our mission.                 


Business casual — the most

cryptic dress code in the biz.
Here’s our take. 



Your ideas are great.                 
The stakeholders are there.                 
Now this is what you wear.                 




Close deals and open doors.                 
This sharp suit is serious business.                 

Keep your comfort level high on
loooooooong days at the office.